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10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer

They say guests remember two things from a wedding – the bride and the food. While a wedding caterer can’t help you pick out your dream dress, fancy hair do, or blingy shoes, they can make or break your reception. It’s important to ask good questions when interviewing wedding caterers because you don’t get a […]

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You are my bucket list

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home!

A fancy dinner has it’s place. In fact, we love celebrating anniversaries, promotions, and birthdays at an upscale eatery. But Valentine’s Day? Nope. We’d rather be at home cuddling on the couch with a glass of wine than pay three times the price I paid the day before. Life is hard, there’s no getting around […]

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Grill a spatchcock chicken

10 Ways to Cook a Whole Chicken

Cooking a fancy Sunday supper for the in-laws or a weekend feast for your pals? Consider cooking a whole chicken! Yes, the entire bird. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you’d think once you get over the handling of raw meat more so than usual. For the most part, it’s easy and takes minimal […]

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groomsman gifts - groomsman gift basket

The Top Groomsmen Gifts for 2017

Getting married in 2017? Give your groomsmen an awesome gift! They deserve it. Your groomsmen. These are the dudes you’ve gone to school with since you were eight, who’ve kept your best secrets, and who (possibly) introduced you to your soon-to-be wife. They’ll be there to hand you a beer when you and your wife […]

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Edley’s – The Ultimate Christmas Gift

Shopping for the folks you love (or just like…maybe not even like very much) hoping to find that perfect gift? Well, consider your search over. Give them Edley’s. Who doesn’t like getting Bar-B-Que for Christmas? It tastes good, it’s an experience rather than a stupid sweater they’ll never wear, it’s needed for survival (maybe that’s a […]

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Edley’s Saves Christmas Dinner

Enjoy a home-cooked meal without the hassle this Christmas. Cater your shindig with Edley’s! No need to spend hours at the crowded grocery, then hours in the kitchen. Call or order online, and BOOM, you’ll have a Christmas spread to remember.  Edley’s has put together a killer catering menu including juicy smoked turkey, parmesan mashed […]

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Thanksgiving Catering with Edley’s: So Easy, a Turkey Could Do it.

Imagine the perfect Thanksgiving Day – kids playing outside, family filling your home, college football on TV, and a warm meal on the table. It’s a time to focus on family and the many blessings we enjoy. It’s not spending all day in the kitchen AWAY from your family. The solution? Let Edley’s handle the […]

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DIY Pumpkin Beer Cooler

Looking for a way to bring a creative, original element to your upcoming Halloween gathering? Our pumpkin beer cooler will be THE conversation piece of your party! To create this jack-o-lantern, you’ll need a few supplies: A pumpkin Permanent marker Pumpkin carving kit (we used this one and loved the saw!) Spoon Water Dry ice Gloves […]

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Bridesmaid gift_lulusugar-candle

15 Amazing Gifts Your Bridesmaids Will Love!

What better way to say “Thanks!” than a killer bridesmaid gift? After all, your bridesmaids will inevitably save you from some sort of disaster and make sure you’re safely in the arms of your dreamboat on your wedding day. Whether it’s helping you pick the most delicious flavor of cake or planning the perfect girl’s […]

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Grown Up Grilled Cheese

Four Meals out of Edley’s BBQ? Oh Yeah!

Looking for dinner ideas and don’t have a ton of time? Join the club. It’s tough working all day just to come home and scrounge around the kitchen for ingredients for a home-cooked meal. You end up with a plain old chicken breast, rice, and a can of black beans. Not very exciting – or […]

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